2023 Champion
U-20 Kanto university Football Selection team

2023 Participating Teams

2023 Tournament Information

Hosted by:
Japan Football Association (JFA)
Shizuoka Prefecture Football Association (SFA)
Shizuoka Broadcasting System (SBS), The Shizuoka Shimbun
Organized by:
Shizuoka Prefecture Football Association (SFA)
Supported by:
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Ministry of Sports The Shizuoka Prefecture The Shizuoka Prefectural Board of Education The Shizuoka International Association
Molten, Jubilo Iwata ,Shimizu S-Pulse ,Fujieda MYFC ,Azul Claro Numazu ,AirDog
Friendship convention:
Official Meeting
Venue: Kusanagi Stadium
12:00 K.O.
U-16 Shizuoka Women's Selection Team U-16 Yamanashi Women's Selection Team
1st 14:55 K.O.
U-18 Shizuoka Selection Team U-20 Kanto university Football Selection Team
2nd 17:30 K.O.
U-18 JAPAN National Team U-18 Korea National Team
Venue: Ashitaka Stadium
1st 16:00 K.O.
U-20 Kanto university Football Selection Team U-18 Korea National Team
2nd 18:30 K.O.
U-18 Shizuoka Selection Team U-18 JAPAN National Team
Venue: Ecopa Stadium
1st 15:00 K.O.
U-18 JAPAN National Team U-20 Kanto university Football Selection Team
2nd 17:30 K.O.
U-18 Shizuoka Selection Team U-18 Korea National Team
Participating Teams:
U-20/Kanto university Football Selection Team
U-18/Korea National Team
U-18/JAPAN National Team
U-18/Shizuoka Selection Team
Players must be born after the 1 st January 2005(U-18).
Shizuoka Broadcasting System (SBS) and The Shizuoka Shimbun
3-1-1, Toro, Suruga-ku,Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, 422-8680, Japan
EL. 054-281-9010 (from overseas: +81-54-281-9010)
FAX. 054-284-9031 (from overseas: +81-54-284-9031)
Rules of the Competition:
  1. The 2023 SBS CUP International Youth Soccer shall be played in conformity with the Law of the Game 2023 laid down by The International Football Association Board and published by FIFA.
  2. The duration of the game shall be two equal periods of 40 minutes (no extra time). The game shall be taken to a penalty shootout when it ends in a tie.
  3. At the tournament each team shall all play each other once only, earning three points for a win, two points for a win on penalties, and one point for a loss on penalties. If two or more teams tie on points, their position shall be decided by the number of goals. The team scoring the larger number of goals shall take the higher position. If the number of goals is equal, the winner of the competition match between the two teams concerned shall be given the higher position.
  4. A maximum of 18 players and 5 officials shall be registered for the tournament.
  5. A maximum of 7 players registered as substitutes may be used in any match.. However, the change in the latter half is limited to 3 times.
  6. A player who receives his second caution of the tournament shall be automatically suspended for the following match. A player who is sent off at the tournament shall be suspended for the following match. The consequences of overly aggressive fouls will be determined by the disciplinary committee.
  7. In the game,
    - Water-break shall be taken during each half.
    - Coaching shall be done inside the technical area.
    - Injury time shall be shown at the end of each half.
  8. Set the technical area.
  9. Display the additive time.
  10. Adopt the system of multi-ball.
  11. In the event that lightning, stormy weather, or other unforeseen circumstances make it difficult to hold or continue the games, the organizer may decide to change or cancel the event separately.

Friendship agreement with the Maurice Revello Tournament


Maurice Revello (The President of tournament)

Alain Revello
(organisateur du tournoi de Toulon)

The SBS Cup International Youth Football Tournament has been a friendship tournament with the Toulon International Youth Football Tournament since 2008. The Toulon International is a FIFA-sanctioned international youth tournament that has been held annually since 1967. It was founded by Maurice Revello of Toulon, southern France. His son, Alain Revello, is now the president of the tournament, and many strong teams participate. With the passing of Maurice Revello in 2016, the tournament was renamed the "Maurice Revello Tournament" in 2017. The tournament, which attracts promising young players from around the world, is also known as a trade show for scouts of European club teams, as many stars have participated in the past. The SBS Cup has the "Maurice Revello Award" for the best player, and the Maurice Revello Tournament has the "SBS Cup Award.